Thursday, 17 September 2020

Ruddy Shelduck at Walmsley 15th to 17th Sept 2020.


An early morning text from my friend James Burke started it off.... he said he'd seen 7 unusual geese flying across Rock & into the Camel estuary.

This was echoed a short while later from another friend Jo Wilson who was on a boat moored up in the estuary. Jo said she'd seen 7 birds that she was convinced were Ruddy Shelducks... a very unusual sighting for Cornwall.

A while later she sent me a video & she was correct in her identification so I put the report out to my birder friends.

That evening the birds came into roost at our CBWPS reserve at Walmsley sanctuary.

I went to see early on the Wednesday morning and sure enough they were there but only 6 of them, where the 7th had gone I don't know.

They were still there all of Thursday even when we had a work party cutting juncus at the far end of the site.

It is thought that these birds were recently seen in Dorset & Sussex.

Where they originated from is unknown & where they are going... the same!

Anyway lets enjoy their beauty while they grace our county!



Monday, 14 September 2020

An Otter in North Cornwall today. 14th September 2020


I was delighted to get some shots of this otter here in North Cornwall today.

It was feeding on crabs at high tide although I'm told it has been active at various states of the tide.

I took all the shots from my kayak so the "miss" rate was pretty high! 

Battling waves from passing speedboats and a bit of a breeze I was often too close to it but it paid little attention and swam under the kayak at one stage & hauled out with food on several occasions.

I took a dunking twice this afternoon, falling over whilst getting out of the kayak at a beach & then slipping on the rocks when the otter disappeared around the corner. However the excitement of seeing this beautiful animal was worth the cut knees & elbows! 

Got to suffer for your art!

Here are a few more images.....

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Great White Egret at Trewornan & into Walmsley reserve. 8th Sept. 2020


This great white Egret was spending time feeding among the cattle in the fields near to Trewornan bridge, Wadebridge in the late evening.

At one stage it flew into Walmsley reserve for a while but as it got late & the light started to drop it came back out with the cattle & I managed a few flight shots and some nice close ups as it sneaked behind a bullock and then emerged really close to where I'd stood with my camera balanced on a fence post so that I could drop my shutter speed in order to lower the ISO for a better quality picture.

For those interested it was using a 500mm f4 lens on a Nikon D500, f4 at 1/80th sec under exposed by 2/3 stop at 250 ISO.

for the flight shots it was the same camera/lens combination but 1/1000th sec at f5.6 under exposed by 2/3 stop at 720 ISO.

A Cormorant fishing in the pools at Walmsley

This cormorant caught 3 fish in under 10 minutes as it dived deep into the muddy areas of the pool.

I don't recognise the species of fish but they were obviously plentiful.


Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The Wadebridge cygnets as they approach 3 months old. 3rd August 2020

I got lucky last evening and had some great light whilst the parent birds escorted their offspring through the town bridge and into their nesting territory at high tide.

They are just approaching 3 months old and the parents will soon be trying to get them to be independent before next year's breeding season starts again.

The male stayed with the cygnets whilst the female chased 2 other swans from the area with her hackles raised.

Here are a few photos.....

Thursday, 23 July 2020

More Barn Owl prints for sale.


Lots of people have asked me how they can buy colour prints of some of my latest images.

I've put some of the most popular pictures below with numbers beneath each one.

Please contact me for prices of larger prints or specials such as printing on metal or canvas.

These & others on a previous post are all available to buy.

The first 2 images are composed as square format and are available at 8ins x 8ins at £15 each plus postage of £2:50 to the UK only.
Or 12ins x 12ins at £25 each plus postage of £3:50 to the UK only.

The other portrait format prints are available as A4 which is 297mm x 210 mm or  11.6 in x 8.2 in. These are £15 each plus postage of £2:50 to the UK only, or the bigger size is 16 in x 12 in or 406 mm x 305 mm. These are £25 plus postage of £3:50 to the UK only.

Obviously my watermark won't be on the finished prints. They will all be processed by a laboratory and not merely printed at home!
Collection from my house in Wadebridge is often easier and safer and does away with any postage charges.

I accept Paypal, Bank transfer or good old cash!

Please contact me via Facebook or email





Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Young Peregrine Falcons take to the wing. North Cornwall coast 7th July 2020.

These Peregrine falcons have finally fledged and can be seen doing their aerobatic displays over the Cornish cliffs.

Strong winds have seen them perfecting their flying skills as they swoop & soar on the updraughts.
At times the gales have been so strong that they've taken shelter under the ledges until a grumpy raven or a frumpy fulmar moves them on.

We're not sure if they've fledged 2 or 3 youngsters although we are thinking more towards the 2 birds as they're often seen together and are looking like a male & a female.