Sunday, 2 August 2015

Brimstone butterflies 2nd August 2015

Male Brimstone butterfly

The original "butter - coloured" butterfly, the Brimstone.

I came across several males and females of this butterfly this afternoon nectaring on several different plants at Bradley Ponds in South Devon.

They were feeding on knapweed, ragwort and fleabane and all looked in good condition so I guess they've just emerged as offspring from the early flying brimstones that were out and about in early spring.

Female Brimstone butterfly  

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Some miscellaneous Kingfisher photos from last week in Hungary.

This kingfisher was visiting the garden of the lodge we were staying in at Tiszaalpar in Hungary.

It readily took to diving for fish but it always liked to hide away when eating the prey.

Fortunately one of it's perches was in view of my camera so I rattled off a few shots as and when I could.

The final 2 shots are of a juvenile kingfisher (note the brown feet as oppose the red-orange feet of the adult) which I took whilst in a hide with a pool in the forest.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photo Group - Breney Common Nature Reserve 19.7.2015

Male Beautiful Demoiselle

Our field trip to Breney Common nature reserve near Bodmin was quite productive and we did manage to find the target species of Black Darter eventually when the sun came out.

When we arrived it started to drizzle really hard and many cameras went back into bags but half hour into the visit the sun came through and it came out quite hot.

The butterflies and dragonflies then appeared from the vegetation and we all got our cameras out again and proceeded to capture some images.

4 spot Chaser

Mating 5 spot Burnet moths

Azure damselfly

Black Darter

Black Darter

Black Darter

Caterpillar of the Mullein Moth

Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 6 in Hungary. 10th July.

An afternoon with the Bee-Eaters proved quite productive with birds bringing back many insects including hover flies, dragonflies, beetles etc.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 5 in Hungary. 9th July.

Male Kingfisher.

Not a lot of time to post photos tonight.

I've spent the morning in a hide photographing Kingfishers, the afternoon in a hide doing Bee-eaters and the evening photographing Brown Hares.

Today's image is of an adult male Kingfisher on a Reedmace head.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 4 in Hungary, 8th July.

White tailed Eagle

Last evening we spent 4 hours in a hide on the marshes and couldn't get close views of many waders but spent a while photographing Whiskered Terns in flight. Suddenly a White-tailed Eagle dropped into the marsh but was just out of visibilty until it flew up after being mobbed by all the gulls and terns. This proved to be my best picture of the evening.
3:00 a.m. start again this morning and back in the tower hide for more time with the Red-footed Falcons. Temperatures are due to peak today at 39 degrees which means we spend most of the day catching up on our sleep!
As I write now in the evening the predicted storm has arrived with an unbelievable wind carrying a lot of sand sweeping across the area. A lot of lightning and a bit of rain has now cleared the air.

Female Red-footed Falcon

Female Red-footed Falcon

Sand Martin nestling

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Day 3 in Hungary, 7th July.

European Bee-eater

Another amazing day of photography!

Out again at 03:10 hours and in a hide photographing a bee-eater colony as soon as the sun rose.

Short and sweet tonight as in a restaurant and the only place I can get wi-fi and we're running late.

The Red-backed Shrikes were amazing last evening in Puszta hide until a sparrowhawk flew in and demolished the perch we'd provided for them!

Male Red-backed Shrike

Female Red-backed Shrike

European Bee-eater at it's nest burrow.