Monday 29 April 2019

The North Cornwall coast this afternoon. 29th April 2019.


What's not to like about a Whitethroat that's just arrived back in Cornwall after wintering in Africa.

The North Cornwall coast buzzing with them this afternoon.

I also took a few minutes to spend with the Fulmars who haven't laid their egg yet on this their traditional nest site.

Also watched a Ravens nest with 4 chicks in it that looked ready to fledge any day soon.

Looking north east from Pentire  near Polzeath

A yawning Fulmar on it's ledge.


4 big nestlings in this Ravens nest

Sunday 28 April 2019

A Sunday morning Kingfisher. 28th April 2019.

Female Kingfisher

Well, my only decent image from 4 hours sat on the riverbank in a canvas hide that was starting to leak due to the Cornish rain & drizzle that kept me company.

Kingfishers are a bit like that, either it's frenetic with birds dashing everywhere or like today only one bird showed from 7 am to 11am.

Can't be successful all the time I guess otherwise it'd be too easy!

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Gannets off the Cornish coast 23rd April 2019

A composite picture from 5 images

Gannets were diving in the bay between Costantine beach and the Quies yesterday as we came up the coast on our Cornwall Seal Group & Research Trust STAPIP survey of marine life and human activity.

The photo above is a composite of 5 images as the bird dived into the water, the last image being the single splash!

Below are 4 of the images that went together to make the top photo.

Sunday 14 April 2019

Birds on the Somerset Levels 12th April 2019

Great White Egret

We had a good day in fabulous sunshine on the Levels at Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath reserves on Friday.

It was cold but a little warmth coming from the bright sun kept us going all day.

The Great White Egrets were very active and Bitterns were "booming" in the reed beds all day, sadly none ventured out of their hideaways.

Great crested Grebes were paired up and courtship was evident.
One pair was already on a nest.

Great crested Grebes

Great crested Grebes   

Great crested Grebe

Also found a Great Spotted Woodpecker sat outside of a newly excavated nesthole but before I could get a photo she flew off, only to return later and we watched her peer out from inside the tree.

Great spotted Woodpecker

Great White Egret

Great White Egret

Great White Egret

Great White Egret