Tuesday 20 February 2018

Grey Heron in the background!

Just because I like it!!!!!

Monday 19 February 2018

Frogs galore in the garden. 19th Feb 2018

A wet Cornish morning and the garden is alive with frogs!

I found 2 pairs locked together and 2 more individual males around the patio area with dozens more in the pond.

Even had one pair spawned in a washing up bowl that I was using to show my little grandaughter some of the pond life.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

7th Feb for our first frogs spawn for 2018.....latest date for 6 years!

Having checked our garden pond for weeks to see if the resident frogs had spawned I was taken by surprise this morning to find fresh spawn amongst the ice and hail on a day that followed our first snowfall for years.

Previous dates for the first spawn have been....

2017....4th Feb
2016....25th Jan.
2015....29th Jan.
2014....4th Feb.
2013....27th Jan.
2012....14th Jan.

Sunday 4 February 2018

Whooper Swans at Wadebridge. 4th February 2018.

2 immature Whooper Swans

These immature Whooper Swans have been with the resident flock of 30 Mute Swans in a winter corn field above the hide at Burniere Point for a few days.

Their bills have got a hint of the yellow that they will have when fully adult and they're not fully white either.

Always good to see wild winter swans on the River Camel.

2 immatureWhooper Swans

A day on St.George's island Looe, Cornwall 2nd February 2018.

Mediterranean Gull

A good day out on Looe island today for the monthly seal survey and species count.

The seals were limited to 2 individuals which were hauled out on the rocks in the distance so not really photographable for more than an ID record.

However there were some good birds about including up to 8 Mediterranean Gulls, a lone Whimbrel, Great black backs and breeding cormorants.

Mediterranean Gull

Mediterranean Gull   

Great black-backed Gull with a starfish

Great black-backed Gull with a starfish

Great black-backed Gull with tongue protruding from base of lower mandible.      

Cormorant with first egg in the nest on 2nd February!

A distant Whimbrel.