Tuesday 23 April 2013

The first fledglings at Walmsley for 2013

Mallard with 9 ducklings

This Mallard duck was displaying her new brood to the world at Walmsley Sanctuary this morning.

Probably the first of many species to raise young this spring and summer.... with any luck!

Monday 15 April 2013

Fulmars, Skylarks & Stonechats


This pair of Fulmars have taken over what looks like a ravens nest on the North Cornish cliffs.

Possibly the raven had built on a traditional Fulmar site and was subsequently ousted. Still from the photographic side of things it was very close and in decent light!

I've also included a few more images from today's trip to the cliffs.



Male Stonechat

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Blackcaps and others at my feeders.

Male Blackcap 
This male Blackcap has been at my feeders every day since early December and has now attracted a female to my sunflower hearts feeder. I guess as insects are virtually non-existant in this cold weather then these seeds have all the necessary goodness.

As the spring has started he's now got more territorial and spends a lot of time chasing the goldfinches away, although there are often up to 20 so he does have problems!

A pair of Siskins have also been active along with greenfinches, all preferring the sunflower hearts to everything else including the niger seed.

Male Blackcap 

Female Blackcap 

Male Siskin



Thursday 4 April 2013

Common Scoter & Water Rail at Swanpool.

Drake Common Scoter

The lure of this attractive sea duck was too much to bear as I saw the blogs of friends filling up with great images.

So a trip down to Swanpool and I saw the bird right in the middle of the pond equidistant from all areas open to photography ie. bloody miles away!!

Fortunately I wandered off to look for Water Rail hoping that the strong North Easterly would blow it toward me. An hour later and it was within range and what a super bird it is. The Water rails were ok as well so quite a productive morning.

I might get used to this retirement lark!

Anyway here are a few more images.......

Drake Common Scoter

Drake Common Scoter

Drake Common Scoter  

Water Rail

Water Rail

Tuesday 2 April 2013


Mute swans

There was a lot of testosterone fuelled posturing with the swans on the River Camel this morning and this along with great light made for some interesting photography.

Mute swan.