Monday 20 February 2017

A pair of Siskins back on the feeders. 20th Feb 2017

Male Siskin

Our first siskins for the winter at the feeders.

Only grab shots through the double glazing but pleased to see them again.

Female Siskin

Thursday 9 February 2017

Common Starling at St.Ives singing away merrily!

Some great light at St.Ives today!

Great light at St.Ives today but very cold and windy with a South Easterly gale blowing right into the harbour.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Dunlin at St.Ives today.

Dunlin at their high tide roost at St.Ives today.

Gull and monofilament fishing line.

I came across this gull in the stream at St.Ives today, it's badly entangled in monofilament fishing line possibly with a fish hook in its throat .

It was active and flying so no realistic chance of catching it to release it from its plight.

Very sad to see but I think we do need to see it to be reminded of the harm we can do to wildlife, often unintentionally!

Turnstones at St.Ives today 8th Feb 2017.

I spent a few hours with these Turnstones on a rising tide at St.Ives today.

A few pictures of them bathing in the freshwater stream that runs into the outer harbour.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Yellow browed Warbler at Swanpool, Falmouth today. 7th Feb 2017.

I found this Yellow browed Warbler flitting amongst the bare branches of the trees at the South end of Swanpool lake this morning.

Managed to get one clean shot of it but the others are just there for aiding ID. (Admittedly I'd have been happy with them if I didn't get the clear shot at the top!).

Monday 6 February 2017

4th February for our first frog spawn.

4th February and our first frog spawn in the garden pond. Exactly the same date as 2014 !

I know friends who have seen it weeks ago but our pond seems to be following a trend.

I've been expecting it any day as it's been "Croak City" out there for the past few evenings. I even found 3 frogs having fun in the dogs drinking bowl!

Not convinced that you can read anything into weather conditions and temperatures making much difference as previous years have been similar and yet it's been a pretty normal winter.

Here are the past few years dates for first spawning:-

2016....25th Jan.
2015....29th Jan.
2014....4th Feb.
2013....27th Jan.
2012....14th Jan.