Wednesday 27 February 2019

Short-eared Owls re-visited, North Cornwall coast. 27th Feb 2019.

Another fantastic afternoon photographing Short-eared Owls on the coast in the sunshine.

This time last week we thought they'd moved on North but were relocated back on the same headland a few days later.

Here are a few photos that I enjoyed taking!

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Barn Owl flying in the sunshine this afternoon. 26th Feb 2019.

This Barn Owl has been flying around in the daytime for several weeks giving local people spectacular views.

Looking at some of the photos I took today it looks as if it has a problem with it's left eye, there's a pink/red stain under it and it looks partly closed.

Maybe this is why it's needing to hunt more often if it's having trouble catching prey or perhaps it just finds prey easier in the daylight.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Cattle Egrets on a "frog fest"...Walmsley, Cornwall 20th Feb 2019

There were at least 40 (and possibly as many as mid fifties) Cattle Egrets all feeding on frogs in our reserve at Walmsley this morning.

An amazing sight!

Enjoy the photos......

Thursday 14 February 2019

Short-eared Owl, North Cornwall 13th Feb 2019.

A few more images of the Short-eared Owls still active on this Cornish headland.

This one caught a vole and proceeded to eat it right in front of me!

It must be one amazing "vole year" as there are runs and holes everywhere and they are keeping at least 2 Owls and several Kestrels well fed and have for a few months.

7th February 2019, first frog spawn, exactly same date as 2018 !!

Once again very late frog spawn (for Cornwall) on 7th February, but strangely enough the exact date we had it last year.
I know some of my friends in deepest West Cornwall have frogs spawning before Christmas but here are our dates for the past few years....

Previous dates for the first spawn have been....

2018....7th Feb
2017....4th Feb
2016....25th Jan.
2015....29th Jan.
2014....4th Feb.
2013....27th Jan.
2012....14th Jan.