Saturday 22 December 2012

River Camel floods 22nd December 2012

Polbrock meadows from the Camel Trail.
After weeks of heavy rain and 24 hours of virtually non stop downpour the River Camel decided to takeover the whole valley as a torrent ran off the already sodden land.

I walked from Treraven bridge at Wadebridge along the Camel trail as far as Polbrock where the river was right across the Camel trail and even with wellies I couldn't get through.

Here are a few record shots. 

Pendavey bridge on the upstream side.

The Camel trail about 200metres down from Polbrock bridge

The Camel trail at Polbrock bridge

The River Camel looking downstream from up on Polbrock bridge.

The River Camel looking upstream from up on Polbrock bridge.

The Camel trail impassable at Polbrock.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Ring necked Duck at Par Beach pool

Drake Ring necked Duck

This fine drake N.American Ring necked Duck was strutting his stuff on the Par beach pool this morning in the company of the very similar Tufted Ducks.

Drake Ring necked Duck