Monday 21 February 2022

Glossy Ibis feeding on the Amble marshes, Wadebridge. 21.2.2022.


There were 9 Glossy Ibis feeding on the marshes today and when I first spotted them they were in bright sunshine but it was harsh & in my face so I knew that silhouettes were going to be the name of the game.

Fortunately as I was setting up my tripod they took flight and landed in a flooded field amongst a dozen Canada geese. This time the light was behind me so I gradually edged into the field and took the decision to lie flat in the wet & muddy grass and try to get some photos at ground level.

It worked and once I got settled they slowly edged toward me, so close that at times I couldn't get them in the frame.

They were very comfortable with my presence and I was wearing camouflage clothes and staying motionless except for my shutter I just let them do the stalking toward me!

Eventually I had to leave as I had an appointment so I sneaked away from them and they didn't flinch, just carried on probing the wet pasture for food.

Here are a few images.....

Friday 18 February 2022

Cattle Egrets in a feeding frenzy. Walmsley sanctuary Wadebridge 18.2.2022


After lunch as the big storm, "Storm Eunice", started to pass I went to check for any damage at the reserve. Fortunately all the hides were intact although a fair bit of debris had blown around.

The reserve was looking pretty empty as there were still 50-60 mph gusts and it was quite unpleasant.

However I noticed a few cattle egrets pitched up in the western corner sheltering from the weather.

After getting close I realised they were feeding on amphibians, not sure if they're frogs or toads looking at the pictures, I'm feeling they may be toads.

I've seen this "frog fest" before and knew that there would be some photos to be had so I set up some camo netting and sat and waited.

I wasn't disappointed!

Here are a few images from my afternoon.