Saturday 18 June 2016

12 hours with the Gannets at Bempton cliffs 18th June 2016.

Just a few of the many photos I took today at Bempton in Yorkshire in what was a cold and windy start but turned out fine and sunny.

The windy conditions suited photographing seabirds as they were literally "hanging in the air".

Thursday 16 June 2016

A few Puffin pics from the Farne islands, 15th June 2016

One of the few days that I could get onto the Farne islands as the weather here in Northumberland has been cold and wet which makes the eggs and chicks of the nesting seabirds particularly vulnerable.

Bottlenose Dolphins come to greet me!

Took a boat out to the Farne islands and was greeted by a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins just outside the harbour at Seahouses.

As usual had the wrong lens on the camera (70-300mm) and really needed the wide angle as they were all around the boat. It was grey and foggy but still another treat to spend time watching dolphins.

Sunday 12 June 2016

European Ground Squirrels at Spis castle in Slovakia.


 A couple of visits to the stunning Spis Castle in Slovakia while we were there to photograph the rare European Ground Squirrels.

On the first morning the weather was poor and got worse but the second time it was fine and sunny and they came out to play so much better.

Spis castle

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Yellow Crab spider on Globeflower 7th June 2016

One of the wonders of nature as this crab spider is the exact colour of the flower that it lives upon.

Waiting for an unsuspecting insect to land on the flower and become its lunch!

Taken in a flower meadow in Slovakia on our IFWP congress.