Friday, 15 June 2018

Oystercatchers on Looe island 14th June 2018.

Oystercatcher nest with eggs partly chipped by emergent young.

Had a good day on Looe island, the Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserve in East Cornwall.

The seabirds all had either young, eggs or nests around the island with Oystercatchers in good numbers.

Some were still sitting on eggs although the fine weather had often allowed them to sit nearby and guard them from the ever present gulls.

Amazingly the Great Black-backs and the Herring Gulls were all within a few feet of the Oyks but their incredible camouflage both of the nests and the young offered some protection as these gulls all sought to feed their own growing broods.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dragonflies on the Amble marshes today, 12th June 2018.

Male Broad bodied Chaser

A lovely morning and the marshes were teeming with dragonflies & damselflies this morning.

Species included, Common Darter, Emperor, Black tailed Skimmer, Broad bodied Chaser, 4 spotted Chaser, Beautiful Demoiselle, Blue tailed & Azure damselflies.

Didn't manage to get shots of all of them as it was hot & bright and they were very active.

I think another visit at dawn is on the radar!

Female Broad bodied Chaser 
Common Darter

Azure Damselflies copulating

Blue tailed Damselfly

Monday, 11 June 2018

Barn Owl, near home. 10.6.18

I spent an evening in one of my favourite meadows with the hope of getting some shots of barn owls hunting.

Unfortunately they didn't start until 9 pm and by that time the light levels were getting very low.

This then made focussing a bit more difficult and necessitated using a higher ISO than I would like.

However I did get some shots but I think the bird knew I was there all the time as it seemed to be looking straight at me as it flew.

Not long after it decided to use the field on the other side of the hedge and my photography for the evening was over!

Saturday, 9 June 2018

The amazing Geology of our coast. Crackington Haven to Hartland Point.

I did a seabird survey on Tuesday from Padstow up the North Cornish coast and over the Devon border up to Welcombe & Marsland .

I'd not done that far section before by sea and whilst I knew the Crackington bit of coast had some spectacular geology I wasn't really prepared for the splendours that followed as we made our way on towards Hartland.

There must have been some incredible forces of nature at work judging by all the folds put into the rock strata.

Here are a few of the highlights, the lighting was a bit flat but I think you'll get the idea and maybe want to explore it yourselves.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Birds at Yarner Wood, Dartmoor. 31st May 2018

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

Spent a few hours at Yarner Wood on Thursday although the weather was good on the moor it was very dull & misty down in the valleys.

However the Pied Flycatchers were actively feeding young and the Woodpeckers looked ready to fledge at any moment.

We also found a nesting Redstart, high up in a tree and not in a nestbox.

Great place, just needed a bit more light!

Never happy!

Male Pied Flycatcher

Male Redstart

Female Redstart 
Robin nesting in the car park

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Pine Marten in Bukk Hills, Hungary. Day 8. May 20th 2018.

Pine Marten

This was the final time I pressed the shutter on our trip to Hungary before we left for the airport, and what a great species to end on!

My sincere thanks to Oliver Smart for alerting us to this Pine Marten which he located in the treetops due to the many alarm calls of the local birds.

Initially I couldn't get a clear view and had many images of blurred greenery with an out of focus silhouette of the animal but perseverance paid off and I managed a few half decent shots.

Great to see one of these animals totally in the wild and not being enticed to pose with bread and jam!

A fitting conclusion to an amazing photo trip.