Monday, 31 July 2017

An incredible 14 Glossy Ibis at Walmsley sanctuary this evening. 31st July 2017.

A flock of 14 Glossy Ibis turned up today at our reserve at Walmsley sanctuary near Wadebridge.

Very unusual sighting especially this early in the year.

We've had the odd individual bird in the past but never this many.

Fantastic to see!

Something spooked them earlier and they flew out of the reserve toward the estuary but then turned full circle and came back and landed in the exact place they'd left from.

Hopefully they'll stay around a few days!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Common Sandpiper on River Camel 23rd July 2017.

This common sandpiper was resting up on the slipway of the Wadebridge boatyard this evening.

It was one of 3 spotted on this section of river and I don't doubt there are several others passing through at this time.

Photographed from my kayak! Nikon 70-300 lens.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Kingfisher portrait

A single image I took this morning on the River Camel near Wadebridge.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Cattle Egrets at Walmsley sanctuary 16th July 2017

3 Cattle Egrets amongst the bullocks down at the reserve this morning.

Numbers vary daily but great to see them looking good and feeding well.

The first time I've seen them riding on the backs of the cattle.

Be interesting to see if they will migrate or stay the winter .

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

4 Oystercatchers.....Looe island, 10th July 2017

I spent quite a bit of time watching these 4 oystercatchers "piping" as they went through some ceremonial process on the barnacle covered rocks of St.Georges island at Looe yesterday.

They've already bred so it wasn't a courtship display but maybe some kind of territorial / dominance thing!

However it was good to watch them and it was very noisy!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Cattle Egrets at Walmsley sanctuary 3rd July 2017

 There were 5 Cattle Egrets with the grazing bullocks in the reserve this evening.

Great to see this species being seen regularly now in Cornwall.

I wonder how many of the original influx are still around.

Friday, 23 June 2017

East to Denver and home 21st June.

Bald Eagle

Wednesday 21st June

I was out at 6 am hoping to get a good shot of the Bald Eagles and as I looked through the curtains of our motorhome I saw that one was perched out on a dead branch on the opposite side of the river.
Moments later and I was dressed and camera in hand and… the eagle was gone!

In its place was a small falcon which I now know to be an American Kestrel so not all lost!

Had our breakfast and peering out of the window I noticed the eagle come back to the tree. Quick as a flash I had it in the can! Cracking bird in great light.

We left Silt at 07:30 as I needed to get to the next site for an appointment and drove east of IS70 to the next KOA at Central City Denver West.

The road cuts right through the high mountains of the Rockies and we passed all the skiing areas such as Aspen, Vail & Breckenridge and cut through Vail Pass at 10,666 feet followed by the Eisenhower tunnel at 11,158 ft and a length of 1.697 mi (2.73 km) eastbound.

We arrived at the KOA which is at 8510 feet and I can certainly feel it as my mouth is always dry and I’m out of breath quickly.

Had some great views of a pair of Black-chinned Hummingbirds and got a few nice shots of the male bird. Also had a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon’s warbler), a Dark-eyed Junco and several Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels.

Last of the steak for tea and have now checked in online for our flights back to London Heathrow tomorrow evening.

Male Black-chinned Hummingbird
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's Warbler) I think!