Saturday 4 June 2011

Green woodpeckers nearly ready to fledge

Yesterday saw the great spotted woodpeckers leave the nest. They had been fantastic to watch and the photos were a bonus. I will never know how many chicks were in the tree cavity but they certainly mad a lot of noise.
The green woodpeckers are noisy when an adult lands on the nesting tree but its a much deeper call and not as incessant as its cousins.
Today I saw the young greens for the first time putting their heads out to greet the adults at feeding time. The great spotteds were visiting the nest every 10 minutes or so but the greens fill their crops with food and then regurgitate it to the chicks. I photographed the male at 08:00 this morning and then not again until 10:30 so they can try your patience a bit.

Female green woodpecker at nest

Female green woodpecker at nest       


Bobbster said...

Quality Adrian, you have done well withthe woodpeckers this year.

Adrian Langdon said...

Thanks Bob, I've put a few hours in at woodpecker nests this spring!