Saturday 31 March 2012


I found a pair of treecreepers building their nest in an old tree stump yesterday.

Went back this morning to grab a few shots and noticed that today they were carrying feathers and wool whereas yesterday it was twigs and grass. So I guess the nest is almost completed and now they are adding the final lining before egg laying.

Treecreepers are so confiding and although I stood a long way back with a 500mm lens they never gave me a second glance and went on with the business unhindered.

I've always found that with this species, and it's such a joy to watch them and also to know that we have them in the locality and that they're breeding.

Treecreeper with nest material
Treecreeper with nest material

Treecreeper with nest material


Adrian Davey (Dibs) said...

Good stuff with the nest material,so in a few weeks Treecreeper feeding young perhaps.