Sunday 6 May 2012

Birds on the Cornish cliffs

I spent the morning on the cliffs near Padstow today and it was glorious.

It's only 15 minutes from home but I know I don't go there often enough.

The flowers were great and the birds all looked fantastic in their best breeding plumages.

The skylark was feeding on the ground near the coast path and was unbothered by my attention whilst the meadow pipit was nesting in the bottom of a gorse bush and was a little more wary.

The stonechat was flipping around all over the place with it's mate in tow and was likely to have been nesting somewhere in the vicinity.

The guillemots were sharing a ledge with 6 razorbills and I did count 35 guillies but there were several more under the cliff area I was stood on but an accurate count can only be done by boat.

A peregrine was in distant attendance and a female kestrel was hunting from a fence post and allowed me to get quite close.


Meadow Pipit

Female Stonechat



Peregrine Falcon

Female Kestrel


Bobbster said...

You did well there Adrian, really good selection