Monday 26 November 2012

Golden Eagle in Yellowstone Nat. Park.

Golden Eagle

As the weather here in Cornwall has been atrocious I thought I'd dig out a few more images from my trip to the States a few weeks ago.

We were in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone when we came across 2 Golden eagles feeding on something on the far edge of the river.

There were fishermen in the river but the birds seemed to be more concerned with fending off a couple of magpies which were giving them grief.

The river was quite wide and thus I was forced to use a 1.4 x converter on my 500 mm lens, so not the highest quality images I've taken. 
It was also 12:25 just after mid-day, so not light conducive to good photography but when a subject like this pops up in front, you have to take your chances!

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle


trurofans said...

Stunning shots - competition standard there mate!!!