Thursday 4 April 2013

Common Scoter & Water Rail at Swanpool.

Drake Common Scoter

The lure of this attractive sea duck was too much to bear as I saw the blogs of friends filling up with great images.

So a trip down to Swanpool and I saw the bird right in the middle of the pond equidistant from all areas open to photography ie. bloody miles away!!

Fortunately I wandered off to look for Water Rail hoping that the strong North Easterly would blow it toward me. An hour later and it was within range and what a super bird it is. The Water rails were ok as well so quite a productive morning.

I might get used to this retirement lark!

Anyway here are a few more images.......

Drake Common Scoter

Drake Common Scoter

Drake Common Scoter  

Water Rail

Water Rail


Sam and Lisa said...

superb images Adrian, I choose the wrong day, it was out in the middle of the lake and when we arrived it started raining.

Unknown said...

Super images Adrian went for a drive there Easter Friday but it was storm force gale and rain and I never went back. You too young to retire surely!

Unknown said...

Stunning photos Adrian! Would love to see and photograph these birds. Great work mate.

Bobbster said...

Glad to see you caught up with the Scoter Adrian and bagged the Water Rail also.

Adrian Davey (Dibs) said...

Super bird is'nt it..Great set of photos . Glad you managed to catch up with it.

swopticsphoto said...

Nice set of images Adrian. You retired now then?

Adrian Langdon said...

As of last Wednesday Steve. 43 years in the same job is enough for any mortal!