Tuesday 31 December 2013

Red Throated Diver

Red Throated Diver  

This beautiful Red Throated Diver was spotted flying into our Cornwall Birds reserve at Walmsley sanctuary near Wadebridge yesterday afternoon by Dave Thomas.

Unfortunately it looked to be having problems with oil on its feathers. This was probably why it had made its way inland and I watched it preening itself for quite a long time.

Today it was spotted flying out of the sanctuary but didn't get far as it crashed in the field behind the hides. Luckily one of our members found it and it has now been taken to get urgent veterinary treatment for the oil in its plumage and probably also in its stomach.

I couldn't resist a few photos as it is such a beautiful bird and although I've seen quite a lot of divers I was still amazed at how big it was when in the hand... or hands actually!

Fortunately it appeared quite strong and feisty so we all hope it survives its ordeal and can return to sea as soon as possible.

Our thanks to Geoff and Tom for literally taking it under their wings!


Bobbster said...

Good images Adrian, lets hope it makes a full recovery.

Sam and Lisa said...

What a shame, we pump to much crap in the sea.

Adrian Davey (Dibs) said...

Super bird, lets just hope it recovers.