Thursday 12 June 2014

More Redstarts.... Bodmin Moor.

Male Redstart with Large Red Damselfly

I couldn't resist having another go with these fantastic Redstarts. I needed some better pictures of the male bird and I was in position and taking photos before 7 this morning.

The weather was great although by about 9:30 it was very hot in my old Daihatsu which I was using as a hide, even with all the windows open.

By then the light was getting a bit harsh so I called it a day at about 10 a.m.  Job done!

Saying that I would rather have had the bird perching on a more tasteful perch but this is as it was with this old fence support hanging just above the nest hole so I went with it and thought therefore it must be natural... if they chose it!

Oddly enough the female bird always used the foxglove stem on her way to the nest but the male never did.

There was also another male bird hanging around and making unwelcome advances on the female whenever our male was away foraging!

Male Redstart 

Male Redstart 

Female Redstart


Adrian Davey (Dibs) said...

Great shots Adrian. I went to see them yesterday afternoon and got some nice shots, (though the postman did'nt like me taking up half the road),super birds, now I,m going to have to go back and get the male with a dragonfly!
Thanks for the heads up.

Bobbster said...

Cracking images Adrian

Bobbster said...

Cracking images Adrian

Sam and Lisa said...

Just to good, cracking shots.

Unknown said...

Excellent images