Thursday 11 June 2015

Barn Owl and Roe Deer in the same meadow at the same time! 11th June 2015.

It was the dullest evening for the past week but I managed to get a few images of a barn owl as it flew towards the barn with a vole in it's talons.

After it returned to the meadow to hunt I noticed a small Roe deer doe feeding in the long grass.
Gradually she made her way closer and as I stayed motionless I waited before pressing the shutter, thinking I'd only get one opportunity before she sprung away at a rate of knots!

Well I was wrong and because it was a still evening and my scent hadn't spooked her she got curious and ventured ever closer.

It was gone 9 o'clock and beginning to get quite dark so I metered manually and was taking pictures at 1/10th of a second exposure.... and deleting most of them. Fortunately some of them were ok and it's a few of those I post here tonight.


Sam and Lisa said...

Wow! I wish I didn't post my Roe Deer shot after seeing this.

Roos said...

Amazing captures. You had all the luck of the world there!