Monday 10 August 2015

Stepper quarry at the mouth of the Camel estuary near Padstow..... threatened with development!

Sorry to harp on again about the planning application to build in this beautiful spot but I need to draw people's attention to what a fantastic place it is and how it is under immediate threat due to development.
The following photos were all taken in just over an hour this afternoon with almost all the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies photographed within the quarry.
Many of the views are illustrating the path across the fields and down into the quarry which will become the main access to the development and will, I guess, have to carry the lorries and heavy machinery for construction.
The planning application is Cornwall Council PA15/06153 and objections can be made online or by letter or e mail.
It does look likely to be passed as it seems lobsters have a greater importance than all these other inedible things!
Further info is available on my Facebook page or contact me.

If you are concerned then please register this at the Cornwall Council website at
Application number PA15/06153. If you have problems with the website you can e mail to
Please don't think that our council wouldn't pass such a plan or presume that others will object..... please register your views as soon as possible.
Thanks, Rant over... but as you can guess I feel strongly about some of the development that is happening in our beautiful county!


JRandSue said...

As your images show,this is a place of outstanding beauty,which will disappear,if the planners have there way.

Roos said...

So sad that monny is boss. It looks like a great place with wonderful butterflies and flowers.