Saturday 21 January 2017

Common Seal in the River Camel upstream of Wadebridge 21/1/2017

Funny old day !

Went out looking for a reported Waxwing and ended up photographing a Seal in the River Camel just by Egloshayle Church upstream from Wadebridge and probably 6 or 7 miles from the sea.

I'd heard that one had been seen in the river and when I saw it was going upstream at low tide like a torpedo!

It looks like a Common seal but I'm not 100% as it's unusual for us to see this species, it's normally the Grey seal on our coast.

It looked healthy enough but what it's doing up here who knows!

Awaiting confirmation of the species!

Now confirmed as a Common Seal!


Sam and Lisa said...

I think the nostrils ID it, together they form a V shape. great shots!