Monday, 20 November 2017

Blackbird feeding on Pyracantha berries 20th Nov 2017.

Photographed this female Blackbird feeding on Pyracantha berries today.

Was really hoping for Fieldfare and Redwing but this practice will set me in good stead for the Waxwing invasion later in the winter!


Mike Attwood said...

Quality pictures, I don't think you need much practice.

swopticsphoto said...

Sweet pics Adrian. Can't wait to see the Fieldfare images. Cheers, Steve.

Baz said...

Sat watching 3 - 6 male blackbirds fighting over territorial rights to yellow pyracantha berries in our back garden 2 days ago. Interesting to observe how they feed. Males tend to jump and do a mini hover...about one tenth of a second....then grab one, drop to the ground, swallow it, wait a second or two then repeat the process. A female however seemed to adopt a different technique. She jumped and collided with clumps of berries in the hope that she would dislodge a few which in some cases she was successful! How they avoid injury by dodging the thorns I don't know.
Excellent pics!! Cheers, Barry.

Unknown said...

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