Friday 22 June 2018

Foxes feeding in a new mown meadow. 22nd June 2018.

I spent this evening sat in the shadows on the edge of a freshly mown meadow in the hope that the local barn owls would hunt on the disturbed grass.

Not a sign of an owl unfortunately but I was treated to some great views of a couple of foxes feeding on the voles and mice that met their maker earlier in the day when it was cut.

The adult fox looked to be the male as I could see no signs of teats and the cub kept going to the mouth to be fed but I'm not really certain on that assumption.

The foxes emerged out of the shadows in the far corner of the field and I resisted the temptation to stalk them with my camera but instead decided to stay put and hope they may come my way and also into the late evening sunlight.

I got lucky and eventually they both came to within 10 metres of me until they picked up my scent and skipped off through the hedge and away, although the cub did pop back and pick up a vole he'd been chewing earlier.

Here are a few of the many pictures I took.....

A bit of mange showing on his right flank.