Thursday 24 January 2019

Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust POLPIP seal survey 24th Jan 19.

Bit of a swell around Gulland island 
Out of Padstow harbour this morning in somewhat "challenging" weather conditions for seal spotting! 
Very few seals hauled out and often too misty and drizzly to see the rocks or the beaches!

However lots of Auks on their ledges and lots of Gannets diving about 2 miles offshore. 
Cold, wet & tired but that's my kind of retirement!
Blow hole near Tregudda Gorge Padstow

Kittiwakes at Marble Cliffs, Porthmissen

Auks at Gulland

Auks at Gulland

Auks at Gulland


Auks at the Mouls

Guillemots off the Mouls


Homeward bound!