Saturday 29 June 2019

Another visit to the Cornwall Beaver Project, June 26th 2019

I spent an enjoyable evening sat in a tranquil Cornish valley watching Beavers going about their daily lives as if they've never been gone from the Duchy.

In a short time they've transformed this valley by creating a super set of pools with dams and weirs that has attracted more than could have been expected so soon.

I sat and watched Emperor Dragonflies hawking for insects, a Grey Wagtail also looking to feed on the same insects and probably the dragonfly given half a chance!

Sparrowhawk & Jays, Swallows & House Martins were overhead before as dusk fell Bats swooped low over the water seeking their fill of the night flying creatures that these pools have now attracted.

But onto the Beavers.... Last years kits were active near to the lodge and it was great to see them do swallow-dives before disappearing into one of the underwater entrances to the lodge.

The matriarch put in an appearance, she can be identified by a rather mangled right ear lobe, but it was a fleeting view which adds to the hopes of our host Chris Jones, that she may be nursing a new litter of kits for this year.

I've had a great Spring & Summer wildlife watching this year and hope it continues the same way!

I also hope to get back to watch for a new generation of Beavers in the coming weeks.

The Matriarch