Saturday 28 December 2019

Cattle Egrets at Walmsley sanctuary peak at 83!!! 27th Dec 2019.

Approximately half of the egrets today

I had my highest count yet of Cattle Egrets at Walmsley this afternoon, a magnificent 83 birds!

After about 35 came in near 3:30 pm there were regular groups of about a dozen that kept me having to do another count.
Finally just before 4pm I managed to count 83 before they all flew off at 4:05 pm.

I'm thinking this reserve must be a pre-roost gathering place as this isn't the first time I've seen this behaviour.

We don't have any animals grazing the site at present as it is way too wet so it is only being used as a stopover and a place to wash & drink in the freshwater.

I wonder how many we will have if the weather turns cold.

Here is a short video of them that I put on Youtube.... apologies for the quality as video is not my speciality!

Cattle Egrets at Walmsley