Friday 3 April 2020

Great White Egret at Walmsley sanctuary, Wadebridge. 23rd March 2020.

The Great White Egret is not a common bird in Cornwall despite the fact that they now breed in nearby Somerset.
We hold out hopes that with this continued sucess on the Levels then it won't be too far down the line before they become a Cornish resident.

This was only my third sighting in the reserve and came on the day before the world went into "lockdown" to try to protect us against the Coronavirus that had become a global pandemic.

I took these shots just after closing all of the hides and had already been told not to advertise or promote any unusual bird sightings in case people decided to risk illness in favour of adding another "tick" to their bird records.

It's now almost a fortnight since this event so I feel that I've left it long enough for the bird to be long gone!

Here are a few of the photos I've been sitting on.