Saturday 23 May 2020

Barn Owls hunting. Cornwall 22nd May 2020.

After many hours I eventually managed to photograph both the male & the female Barn Owl out hunting last evening.
The female is much richer coloured on her back & wings and has speckles all over her underwings & breast. The male is more the classic "white owl" with a clean underside and much lighter back & wings.
Just love watching these fabulous birds!

These birds are feeding 6 owlets in a nestbox and as of today all 6 are surviving although 2 are very small.
The female is now taking a share of the hunting and last night didn't spend the night in the ever filling box. 

Here are several images from the evening as I took advantage of what sunlight there was. As dusk closed in they continued to hunt but the light levels eventually beat my camera's  settings!