Monday 1 March 2021

More Spoonbills at Walmsley sanctuary Feb/March 2021.



Well it started off with a single adult Spoonbill in at Walmsley sanctuary back in January which was joined by a second bird in the 2nd week of February.

These birds have now been joined by a third Spoonbill at the end of February.

They seem to be dividing their time between roosting in the reserve and out feeding on the Camel estuary.

These birds aren't ringed but I'm guessing are probably from Western Europe, maybe Holland, France, Spain or Portugal and will soon move on to get back there to breed. All seem to be adult birds with one in particular showing the yellowish / gold blush on the breast which is an indicator of breeding potential.

It's always exciting to watch these birds although they are possibly the most boring birds I know....they usually spend most of their daylight hours with their heads under their wings, occasionally popping out for a quick stretch or a preen. 

But...when they do put on a show they are magnificent!


Peter Crispin said...

Great set of photos Adrian; shame I'm stuck in Lanson and can't get over just yet....soon hopefully!

Vanessalouiselunt said...

Hiya! Where did you see them? Are they still there? X

Adrian Langdon said...

2 are still on the Camel estuary and occasionally in the reserve as at today. The third bird has gone I think.