Monday 26 July 2021

Compass jellyfish at Looe Cornwall, Sun 25th July 2021.


I went to Looe in East Cornwall to take part in the monthly Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust survey on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust's reserve on Looe island.

Whilst walking along the walkway beside the West Looe side of the river I saw lots of Compass jellyfish drifting out of the harbour area with the ebbing tide.

I only had my phone or my 500mm Nikon lens to use so quickly did a few pics on each. 

I love watching jellyfish, they're so relaxing to watch as they pulsate through the water.





When we got to  Looe island there was another jelly by the base of the jetty and whilst there was a lot of seaweed & general flotsam swirling around it was great so get a short video clip.

Here is the YouTube link to that clip...

Compass Jellyfish video clip




Jasmina said...

Mesmerising to watch and rather elegant ….🤗