Tuesday 3 August 2021

Marsh Harrier at Walmsley sanctuary 26th July - 3rd August 2021.


I first became aware of this bird on the 26th July when it suddenly appeared perched in the top of a willow tree along the line of old slates that runs across the reserve. 

It is very dark both top and bottom and has a bright orange head around a black facial mask.This is the plumage of a juvenile marsh harrier so I'm now left wondering where it had fledged from. I'm aware there are several pairs on the Somerset Levels but sort of hope its been hatched a bit nearer to home.

Well wherever its come from it has spent at least a week now on the reserve and the Amble marshes wetland area. Not only that it has put on an amazing show for watchers and photographers with numerous forays around the 3 islands in front of the tower hide at Walmsley. At times within touching distance of the shutters.

Needless to say I've taken many photos so I will quit typing and just add a load of images of this stunning bird.

Too close to get him all in the photo!

crashing into the reeds


Jasmina said...

What an amazing bird - such a dream to watch over the marshes - will always remember this as special....Great images - as always....