Thursday 18 November 2021

Barn Owls hunting over the marshes. November 2021.

 I've been really fortunate to have been able to photograph some amazing Barn Owls in the past few days.

There have been up to 3 individuals hunting over the marshes during the late afternoons & early evenings.

The only thing that has limited my photography has been the low light levels.

There's been 2 males, one of which is ringed, and a female. At times there have been 2 birds competing for the same voles but mostly they seem to get on well together when quartering the same meadow. Maybe they're a family group or siblings, although we ringed all the young birds for the past 3 years in this locale so possibly they're 2 adults and a juvenile.

Anyhow I've had some incredible experiences with these birds , one of which circled me very closely and then hovered over my head at about 6 feet away. It then continued hunting so I reckon I may have been accepted as "part of the environmental furniture"!

Here are a few images not in any special order.


Jasmina said...

Just beautiful images of a magnificent bird 😊

Geoff Trevarthen said...

A fantastic set of images Adrian! I especially like the first one - the close-up of the face, but they're all fabulous photographs. :-)

Karen Burton said...

Wow fantastic!
Countryfile calendar entries!!!