Monday 21 February 2022

Glossy Ibis feeding on the Amble marshes, Wadebridge. 21.2.2022.


There were 9 Glossy Ibis feeding on the marshes today and when I first spotted them they were in bright sunshine but it was harsh & in my face so I knew that silhouettes were going to be the name of the game.

Fortunately as I was setting up my tripod they took flight and landed in a flooded field amongst a dozen Canada geese. This time the light was behind me so I gradually edged into the field and took the decision to lie flat in the wet & muddy grass and try to get some photos at ground level.

It worked and once I got settled they slowly edged toward me, so close that at times I couldn't get them in the frame.

They were very comfortable with my presence and I was wearing camouflage clothes and staying motionless except for my shutter I just let them do the stalking toward me!

Eventually I had to leave as I had an appointment so I sneaked away from them and they didn't flinch, just carried on probing the wet pasture for food.

Here are a few images.....


Peter Crispin said...

Another great set, Adrian!

Jasmina said...

Wonderful set of images - well done yet again

Derek Spooner said...

Stupendous set. I will have to come and have another look!