Tuesday 8 March 2022

Bittern finally shows in the open at Walmsley sanctuary, Wadebridge 8.3.22.


After a few weeks of trying to get a decent photo of this elusive creature today it finally gave itself up to my trusty Nikon!

I'd seen it in the reserve a few times now but it was always distant. 

I'd even become quite proficient at finding it and pointing it out to visiting birders but today as they say was "something else!".

It skulked out of the reed bed and strolled across the grass towards the willows , occasionally stopping to pose and do a bit of sky pointing. The light was pretty good but there was a bit of rain swirling in the strong southerly winds so really all I had to do was get it in focus.

This was point blank range stuff and I was concerned it may pick up on the dulcet tones of the Nikon shutter but no need to be concerned it took no notice whatsoever....I add that I was in a hide.

Here are a few more images of it as it gave up its private world for a few minutes.


Jasmina said...

Excellent shots - a real treat to get it so close - what an amazing bird and those markings are quite exquisite ….😊

Lynn said...