Thursday 28 September 2023

A week on the Isles of Scilly 11th - 18th September 2023.

Red-footed Booby on Bishops Rock lighthouse

I was fortunate to spend 8 days on the beautiful Scilly Isles leading a Birdwatching tour for Naturetrek along with co-leader Pete Stevens.

We entertained 14 clients and got to visit all the inhabited off-islands during a week with fantastic weather marred only by a few showers towards the end of the week. It was remarkably warm on all days. 

We were based at the Mincarlo guest house just along the bay from the harbour at Hugh Town on St.Mary's the largest of the islands.

The view from the garden at the Mincarlo

Most of us arrived on the Scillonian from Penzance whilst the others flew so we had the opportunity to enjoy lots of wildlife sightings en-route to St.Mary's.

Gannets, Shearwaters, including Great, Manx & Cory's, Common Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic Blue-fin Tuna all showed at different times during the voyage.

Common Dolphins

Common Dolphins 

Cory's Shearwater

Great Shearwater

Here is a selection of images from our week which included wildlife tours of the Eastern Isles, Western Rocks & Bishops Rock. Also visits to St.Agnes, St.Martin's, Tresco & Bryher.

If this type of tour interests you then please go to the Naturetrek website and check out future trips to the islands.

Grey Seal

Grey Seal

Grey Seal

Grey Seals

Grey Seals

Grey Seal

Grey heron



Common Dolphin fins

Grey Seal


Grey Seal & pup

Grey Seals



Bishops Rock lighthouse with Red-footed Booby on top!

Approaching the Bishop

Old Town church

The Daymark on St.Matin's

Hugh Town from Peninnis Head St.Mary's

Northern Wheatear

Juvenile Marsh Harrier over Lower Moors St.Mary's


Scilly Wren

6 spot Burnet moth

The Nags Head, St.Agnes

Perconger slip, St.Agnes

Cruise ship dominating the skyline in St.Mary's bay

Pulpit rock, Peninnis Head.

Femals Pied Flycatcher

Red Knot

Red Squirrel, Tresco

Red Squirrel, Tresco

Speckled Wood butterfly (Scilly sub-species)

Yellow-horned Poppy


Jasmina said...

BrilliAnt to be able to spend a week there and a great opportunity with Nature trek- done a few trips with them - great organisation and good value…. 👏