Sunday 17 July 2011


Having spent many hours sat in hides photographing kingfishers over recent years I was nevertheless excited at the prospect of watching a pair go through the process of digging a nesting burrow.

I took these shots from a fair distance to avoid disturbance a few weeks ago, but although I hold a schedule 1 licence for photographing kingfishers, I thought it too sensitive to post online until I knew the birds had successfully fledged.

I knew that these birds had already raised a family about 200 metres away during April and May as their first brood despite digging a burrow in a different place then.

It is almost instinctive that before they have their second brood they need to go through this digging process perhaps as a bond strengthening tool for their courtship.

They dug this second burrow to I guess about 1/2 a metre depth and then abondoned it in favour of laying again in the same burrow that they raised their first brood.

There are now 2 new and unused burrows that may offer opportunities for next season ...or even for a third brood!

Here are a few shots and a final distant shot of the female on the river. As the site was open and exposed I never spent any time photographing them there.

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Male kingfisher at burrow

Male kingfisher at burrow

Male kingfisher at burrow

Male kingfisher leaving burrow

Male kingfisher leaving burrow

Female kingfisher perched.