Tuesday 3 July 2012

More bears

Just a quick update as I wait in the airport at Oulu for my flights to Helsinki & London Heathrow.

I'll hopefully add some more pictures later.

The last 2 nights we spent 14 hours each night in hides for the brown bears in the Finnish-Russian border areas.

Here are a few pics for starters!

3 hours later.
I'm really bored now  waiting for my flight at Helsinki so have uploaded some more bear pictures but don't dismay as there are still many hundreds still to come!

Wild brown bear

Wild brown bear
Wild brown bear with numerous mosquitoes!

Wild brown bear sniffing the air for food or danger...probably food!

Young bear scratching

At the scratching tree


Linda said...

They look huge, wish I had seen them!!

Kari said...

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Finland and got the images you where looking for.
Best regards, Kari

trurofans said...

Excellent images Adrian.Looking forward to seeing some more!

Julie Hargreaves said...

Fantastic images of the bears

JRandSue said...

Must have been a very magical moment.
Brilliant to see.