Friday 29 June 2012

Brown bear - Finland

We spent all night last night in hides hoping to get a glimpse of a European brown bear.

We were in the hides before 6pm and didn't emerge until 07:00 this morning. It was reasonably comfortable although extremely cold as the temperature plummeted to 0C.

Iain and I shared one hide whilst Dibs and Delia took the other. Luckily for them they got great early views of a brown bear and even more exciting a wolverine on no less than 3 occasions during the night.

Fortunately for us we started getting distant views of a large male bear which found a baited carcass in a clearing in the Boreal forest. It proceeded to tear bits off this meat and take them off to the forest to digest.

We watched this bear for a long time between 01:00 and 03:45 when ordinarily it would be dark but at this latitude it stayed light for all the night until the sun shone again brightly at about 02:00 am.

I was forced to push the ISO quite severely but hope that the pictures look OK in their environment.

Be prepared to see some stunning photos from Dibs & Delia in the coming weeks.

Wild European brown bear - Finland.

Wild European brown bear - Finland.

Wild European brown bear - Finland.


Linda said...

That is what you call a bear, what a beautiful magnificent creature.