Wednesday 3 October 2012

Bull Moose...a close encounter

Bull Moose a few feet from our camper van.

This Bull Moose was walking across the campground when we arrived back in the afternoon at about 4:30pm. I watched it go towards the river and followed with my cameras. He went to the waters edge and I followed but keeping a reasonable distance from him as he was a bit agitated and snorting loudly. I went into a side stream with my shoes & socks on so that I could get a clear shot but he then decided to come back on to the campsite.

I made a hasty retreat but he kept coming towards our campsite where Linda was watching from the camp chair. I got back before him and by then Linda was in the doorway of the camper ready to close it for protection.

Unbelievably the Moose just kept coming until he was standing between our chairs and the camper van. I was also cowering in the doorway but still taking photos with a wide-angle lens!
I was getting nervous as he peered at his reflection in the side of the van that he would stick his antlers through the side... I thought "there goes $1000 deposit!".

Fortunately he saw some other people around and decided to wander off towards the woods. Part of me was relieved but the other part wanted more photos!

Bull Moose
Bull Moose a few feet from our camper van.

Bull Moose a few feet from our camper van.

Bull Moose heading back to the woods


Unknown said...

Stunning shots makes my encounter with Red deer seem quite tame.

Bobbster said...

Good shots Adrian, not small are they lol?

Sam and Lisa said...

Mind blowing.