Friday 12 October 2012

N. American Badger

Earth flying in all directions

Continuing with photos from our recent trip to Wyoming we were watching bison in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone when Linda asked what was going on a few metres away where we could see earth being showered into the air.

My immediate thought was ... badger!

Although we'd never seen an American badger I'd looked at lots of photos and knew what to hope for!

As I moved a bit closer I got glimpses of it's back and hind quarters until eventually he emerged from his burrow and just sat there looking at me.

In the last photo one could be forgiven for thinking that the image has been compressed vertically as we so often see in digital images but no, that's the actual shape of the face, very wide and  not very high!

Another treat and another species to add to my photo library.

American badger

American badger