Sunday 17 February 2013

Early birds at Godrevy

Cornish Chough

We had an early start to photograph birds and landscapes at Godrevy near Hayle this morning.

After watching the sunrise and illuminating the lighthouse we spotted a lone chough feeding on the clifftop. I note also that it hasn't been ringed.

I was delighted to get some shots of this the emblem of Cornwall!

Cornish Chough

Cornish Chough

Next came a couple of kestrels that were feeding on worms on the soft clifftop, they were most accommodating and allowed quite close shooting.

Male Kestrel





 Finally after some poor shots of ravens I got a nice few of a skylark feeding on the vegetation inland from the cliff edge.


Godrevy lighthouse at dawn.


Unknown said...

Great images love the Chough shots and the Kestrel photos are super you made great use of the light.

JRandSue said...

I agree with Anthony,i like the Cornish Chough,nice to see without rings.
Took some shots afew years ago they also had no rings.

Richard Meyer said...

Brilliant. Please everyone nore the habitat, it looks like classic maritime heath. Wish RSPB would stop telling everyone that optimum habitat is farmed pasture. It isn't, it's the wild cliffscape! Farmed pasture is important but secondary

Bobbster said...

Good selection Adrian, sun and blue skies have provided some good light for you.

swopticsphoto said...

Superb images Adrian. The Chough's are excellent. Nice to see an unringed bird as well.