Monday 25 February 2013


Turnstones at St.Ives.

Some images of turnstones taken last weekend on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group field trip to St.Ives.

Much time was spent lying flat out on the harbour trying to get wide angle images of the birds in their environment... or should it be in our environment.

Whichever is correct they've learnt to spend their winters close to man and to scavenge where they can.

I still struggled to get 3 birds all looking the same way and spent so much time on my belly that I forgot I had my sandwiches in my chest pocket... they were rather flatter than they started out!

Turnstone at St.Ives. 

Turnstone at St.Ives.

Turnstone at St.Ives.


Bobbster said...

Great low viewpoints and shallow depth of field.

Sam and Lisa said...

Lovely shots, of a much overlloked bird.