Wednesday 8 July 2015

Day 4 in Hungary, 8th July.

White tailed Eagle

Last evening we spent 4 hours in a hide on the marshes and couldn't get close views of many waders but spent a while photographing Whiskered Terns in flight. Suddenly a White-tailed Eagle dropped into the marsh but was just out of visibilty until it flew up after being mobbed by all the gulls and terns. This proved to be my best picture of the evening.
3:00 a.m. start again this morning and back in the tower hide for more time with the Red-footed Falcons. Temperatures are due to peak today at 39 degrees which means we spend most of the day catching up on our sleep!
As I write now in the evening the predicted storm has arrived with an unbelievable wind carrying a lot of sand sweeping across the area. A lot of lightning and a bit of rain has now cleared the air.

Female Red-footed Falcon

Female Red-footed Falcon

Sand Martin nestling


Roos said...

You must have a great time. Hope you get to see lots of birds.
Love the Falcon!