Sunday 19 July 2015

Some miscellaneous Kingfisher photos from last week in Hungary.

This kingfisher was visiting the garden of the lodge we were staying in at Tiszaalpar in Hungary.

It readily took to diving for fish but it always liked to hide away when eating the prey.

Fortunately one of it's perches was in view of my camera so I rattled off a few shots as and when I could.

The final 2 shots are of a juvenile kingfisher (note the brown feet as oppose the red-orange feet of the adult) which I took whilst in a hide with a pool in the forest.


JR said...

Nice series of photos of the Kingfisher. One of my favorite birds!

Roos said...

Fantastic series of the Kingfisher. Number 3 is my favorite.

custom writing service reviews said...

Awww this is so cute!! You captured some really beautiful and unique shots!! My dad once bought a kingfisher home and honestly it really is fascinating watching them catch their prey!!