Tuesday 8 September 2015

Alaska...... A few more shots of the Northern Lights. 5th & 6th September.

We spent 2 nights up in Fairbanks, Alaska and were fortunate to see the aurora on both of them.

The aurora forecast was not great with it being put at a grade 3 moderate and sure enough whilst it looks OK on the camera it was not stunning by any means.

The next night we moved south by about 60 miles south on Highway 3 and camped at a riverside creek at Anderson, a tiny village, although named "the City of Anderson" complete with a City Hall.

This was a super little place about 6 miles off the highway and very quiet.

Again the aurora showed at about 11pm. and I spent an hour plus outside standing in the dry creek bed photographing them and also hoping no bears were around!

Now heading down to Denali again and then south to the Kenai peninsula and Soldotna and Homer.

A couple of "ol timers" around the campfire.


Margaret T said...

Hope you will give a slide show sometime Adrian. Stunning photo's. Enjoy!!!

cornishcarolin said...

Absolutely stunning Adrian. Penryn in the new season please!!

Keep enjoying yourselves my love xxxx

Sam and Lisa said...

Wow! you are making the most of your retirement, a few cracking shots of the aurora. Must be something to see a Moose, although I have seen a few at the St Just town hall dance, a few years ago.