Tuesday 1 September 2015

Alaska... Humpback whales, Glaciers and high winds in the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Pacific Humpback Whale

A last minute booking for a trip out of Seward Alaska this morning saw us hurrying to catch a boat for a 6 hour cruise looking at wildlife and glaciers.

We picked up on a couple of Pacific Humpback Whales out in Resurrection Bay and had quit good views of them but neither wanted to breach or show their tail flukes!

We then crossed the sound in very high winds which made it difficult to stand and look ahead into the wind.

This wind continued to blow down off the glaciers all day, but despite the winds it was sunny with blue skies.

Some of the following photos show the glaciers at Holgate and the Alaik glacier which was calving off huge chunks of ice with loud cracks like rifle shots!

Holgate Glacier

Ailik Glacier

Ailik Glacier

Ailik Glacier calving.