Thursday 17 September 2020

Ruddy Shelduck at Walmsley 15th to 17th Sept 2020.


An early morning text from my friend James Burke started it off.... he said he'd seen 7 unusual geese flying across Rock & into the Camel estuary.

This was echoed a short while later from another friend Jo Wilson who was on a boat moored up in the estuary. Jo said she'd seen 7 birds that she was convinced were Ruddy Shelducks... a very unusual sighting for Cornwall.

A while later she sent me a video & she was correct in her identification so I put the report out to my birder friends.

That evening the birds came into roost at our CBWPS reserve at Walmsley sanctuary.

I went to see early on the Wednesday morning and sure enough they were there but only 6 of them, where the 7th had gone I don't know.

They were still there all of Thursday even when we had a work party cutting juncus at the far end of the site.

It is thought that these birds were recently seen in Dorset & Sussex.

Where they originated from is unknown & where they are going... the same!

Anyway lets enjoy their beauty while they grace our county!




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