Thursday 10 September 2020

Great White Egret at Trewornan & into Walmsley reserve. 8th Sept. 2020


This great white Egret was spending time feeding among the cattle in the fields near to Trewornan bridge, Wadebridge in the late evening.

At one stage it flew into Walmsley reserve for a while but as it got late & the light started to drop it came back out with the cattle & I managed a few flight shots and some nice close ups as it sneaked behind a bullock and then emerged really close to where I'd stood with my camera balanced on a fence post so that I could drop my shutter speed in order to lower the ISO for a better quality picture.

For those interested it was using a 500mm f4 lens on a Nikon D500, f4 at 1/80th sec under exposed by 2/3 stop at 250 ISO.

for the flight shots it was the same camera/lens combination but 1/1000th sec at f5.6 under exposed by 2/3 stop at 720 ISO.