Sunday 11 October 2020

Cornish Choughs on Newquay headland. 10th Oct 2020.


I'd heard on Facebook that there had been some Choughs around the Newquay area... they are gradually spreading up the North coast having initially bred down on the Lizard.

So I popped out to east Pentire headland between Fistral beach & the Gannel at Crantock and lo and behold there were 6 Choughs feeding on the short cropped grasses on the clifftop.

They were concentrating on feeding & oblivious to all around them. Peoples dogs bounding around & holidaymakers taking pics of the view & selfies with the waves in the background etc.

Always exciting for a Cornishman to see our "National" bird, but to see 6 together... Wow!

Anyway here are a few photos....


Docrichie said...

Great images Adrian. So pleased to see your photos show them feeding in their optimum habitat - the natural cliffscape - not farmland, as we're often told is what they primarily need. I will keep banging on about this until certain people listen!!